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1CoastalCity invites your esteemed side to experience " A Magical Istanbul Fairytale"
Istanbul's inspiring fabulous beauty will accompany your valued life while you enjoy the pleasure of your terrace facing the unique sea views to the full.
"A Magical Coastal Location"
Gürpınar District, with beauty and value thereof dating back to the Byzantine Empire period, is one of the rare places where you can get rid of your stress and forget your intense works and where you can feel yourself in a summer resort.
An Elite Life for Your Esteemed Side
1CoastalCity capturing attention by having a location very close to the sea and with easy access opportunities will offer you an elegant and stylish life style thanks to the social facilities thereof.
"A Distinctive Project"
1CoastalCity, located on the shores of the fabled European side of Istanbul and ornamented with a perfect sea view, will appeal to your soul as well as your eye with its architecture every detail of which has been meticulously designed for your valued side.
A Private Terrace View
We have prepared an exclusive world for your esteemed side which you will share with your loved ones. You will experience 'Country' lifestyle in the European Side of Istanbul in company with modern architecture in 1coastalcity where standards are kept at the highest level.
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